At Solstar we passionately believe sport, especially martial arts are essential for health and well being. Last week we announced that we would like our members to tell us how training with us had affected their day to day lives. We want to encourage everyone to take up a martial art, be it training with us or their local club. If you would like to submit an anonymous testimonial we would love to hear from you. Please take a moment to read the paragraph below, which beautifully explains why we think our club and those like it, are so important.

‘Last year in May I was beaten up by 2 men. They beat me up because I called them out for cat calling me. The physical damage healed pretty soon but I suffered regular panic attacks and felt like a shell of my former self. After 2 months of mainly eating cake and crying I decided to go back to Solstar to build my fitness up. As my fitness improved so did my confidence. Being surrounded by such strong courageous women made me realise just how amazing women are and what we are capable of. With that in mind I decided to sign up to fight in the interclub. Having a goal to focus on and an outlet for my anger has done more for me than any therapy session. This is why Women lead boxing/kick boxing is so important. Solstar has helped give me my life back. T x’


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