Solstar is about solidarity. We want everyone to feel included in the community. That’s why we ask people to become Solstar members when they join the club. This has other benefits too – it means we are covered by sports insurance and you get one of our T-shirts or vests included in the price. Bargain!

Membership fees: £10, plus a free T-shirt or Vest


How to become a member

Before you can become a member and attend a regular training session, we ask that you come to one of our introductory sessions. This applies even if you have experience in martial arts.

The purpose of the sessions is to give an overview of who we are, what we do and why we do it, to make sure that everyone understands and agrees with our Code of Practice and to provide a relaxed and friendly environment to teach beginners the basics of the sport.

We run introductory sessions once a month, please check out our events page for a link to the next session.

You will be emailed the Code of Practice and asked to sign a hard copy for our records when you attend. We will also ask you to complete a membership form for insurance purposes.

The first introductory session is free of charge, we ask you attend at least one of these sessions before you join the main group. After four sessions, you will need to pay the membership fee and become a Solstar member.

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