Code of Practice

At Solstar, we have a set of standards that we expect everyone to abide by. We are a community sports club, and strongly believe that everyone should be included and no-one should be discriminated against in any way.

Before you attend a session, you will be expected to read and sign a copy of the Code of Practice:

Solstar Sports Association believes that it is important that members, coaches, staff volunteers and family members associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. As a member of Solstar, you are expected to abide by the following code of practice:

  1. All members must abide by the rules of the class and they must respect instructors decisions and instructions.
  2. All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participantsregardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs or sexual identity.
  3. Members should aim to keep to agreed timings for training and be prompt for
    competitions if members are late they should inform the instructor of their arrival.
  4. Members must wear suitable kit to classes as defined from time to time by the
  5. Members should make an effort to pay for training or events and pay promptly. Whilst we have set fees for training which go toward the running of the club we are happy to be flexible with members who cannot afford to pay the full fees. Please discuss this in confidence with one of the instructors.
  6. Solstar has a zero tolerance policy for bullying or abusive behaviour in any form.
    This includes physical, verbal or psychological abuse. Any behaviour of this type
    should be reported to the instructor. Any complaint will be confidential and only
    discussed with other instructors.
  7. Solstar instructors reserve the right to ask any member to leave or refuse entry or membership to any person at anytime.
  8. Solstar has a no photography/filming policy, from time to time instructors will take photos and seek permission from any person featured to publish photographs on social media for promotional purposes.
  9. Any serious complaint about a member or instructor should be made in writing and will be treated in confidence and taken seriously. Solstar instructors reserve the right to suspend any member while the complaint is investigated.

Anti Bullying and Abuse Policy

At Solstar, we believe that any form of bullying is a form of physical / emotional
abuse. It is abhorrent and not something that we tolerate within the club. Members,
parents / carers, coaches and staff are all encouraged to reject bullying so that we
can all work together to ensure a safe and positive environment to train and learn


  • Recognises its duty of care and responsibility to safeguard all participants
    from harm.
  • Promotes and implements this anti-bullying policy in addition to our
    safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • Seeks to ensure that abusive behaviour is not accepted or condoned.
  • Requires all members of the club/organisation to be given information about,
    and sign up to this policy.
  • Will take action to investigate and respond to any alleged incidents of bullying
    or abuse.

Each participant, coach, staff member, volunteer or official will:

  • respect every persons need for, and rights to, an environment where safety,
    security, praise, recognition and opportunity for taking responsibility are
  • respect the feelings and views of others.
  • recognise that everyone is important and that our differences should be
  • show appreciation of others by acknowledging individual qualities,
    contributions and progress
  • be committed to the early identification of bullying or abuse, and prompt and
    collective action to deal with it.
  • ensure safety by having rules and practices carefully explained and displayed
    for all to see.
  • all forms of bullying and abuse will be addressed. Many forms of bullying
    relating to age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs or
    sexual identity have specific laws relating to them.
  • any reported incident of bullying or abuse within the club will be investigated
  • members who have suffered abuse will be supported and assistance given to
    uphold their right to train in a safe environment which allows their healthy development.
  • If necessary we will take appropriate action to remove the perpetrator from
    the Club.

Solstar has established maintained a positive and friendly atmosphere and we plan
to continue with this ethos.

Coaching, Teaching and Instructing

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to establish and maintain standards for Martial Arts Coaches within Solstar and to inform and protect members of the public using their services. The Code of Ethics sets out a series of standards in respect of integrity, responsibility, competence and confidentiality. Solstar Coaches must be fully aware of this code, accept their responsibility to students, colleagues. This Code of Ethics is a framework within which to work. It is a series of guidelines rather than a set of instructions.


Coaches and students must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human
being and their ultimate right to self-determination. Specifically, coaches must treat
everyone equitably, within the context of their activity and ability, regardless of
gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual orientation or religion.


The Solstar coach will be concerned primarily with the well-being, safety, health and
of the individual student. However, students must accept responsibility for their
own behaviour and performance in training. Solstar Coaches are responsible for setting and keeping the boundaries between a working relationship and friendship with their students. The relationship between Coach and student relies heavily on mutual trust and respect.


Solstar gathers personal information about students in the course of running the
club. Coach’s should treat this information as confidential unless otherwise agreed
with the student or their parents / guardians. Confidentiality does not preclude the disclosure of information, to persons who can be judged to have a ‘right to know’, relating to students when relevant to the following:

a) Evaluation of the student within the sport for competitive selection purposes.
b) Legal and medical requirements for disclosure.
c) Recommendations to parents/family where the health and safety of students maybe at stake.
d) In connection with action to protect children from abuse.

Health & Safety

Coaches and participants have a legal requirement to protect the Health & Safety of people that they train (and train with). Most martial arts have an element of
contact. Participants should be made aware of the risks associated with this before they begin training. Every effort must be made to make sure that the training environment, practices and equipment will not cause serious injury to people taking part and also to other users of the training area.

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